Building Learning Power





Week ending 20th September 2018 BLP rosette winners are:


 Class  Name of winner and what for:





Carly-Mai for being a fantastic team ant when reading the story plan.

ZP Max for being a fantastic listener and being a resilient learner.
GN Lola for her amazing positive attitude and being a reflective learner.

Thomas for being reflective in all his learning and showing he's always ready to learn.


Maelie for listening carefully in class and following instructions. Always a resilient learner.

BJ Sam for always using his listening skills and being resilient in his learning.
CP Oliver for independent reflection in his maths work.
SH Alex for overcoming his fears and going swimming- he really enjoyed it. Showed resilience.
DD Nathaniel for constantly contributing lots of fantastic ideas during our class discussions (resourceful).
MB Isobel for constantly having fantastic ideas especially in English history (resourceful).

Jenson has used all the things to help his team in PE (reciprocity).


Abbie for maintaining a positive attitude throughout her injury, showing resilience.


                                                                                          Well Done!!