Building Learning Power





Week ending 22nd June 2018 BLP rosette winners are:


 Class  Name of winner and what for:

April Edwards for being a great Team Ant.


Brooke Colton for being reflective in her writing this week during story writing.


Heidi Dowd for being a resourceful learner using sound mats in her writing.

ZP Joel Hudson for being reflective and reading through his chance to shine writing.
AB Archie Charman for being a reflective learner, particularly with Maths work.

Tegan Walters for being resilient and getting full marks on all of her times tables.


Amelia Hudson for being resourceful at Wilderhope. She used lots of equipment and played well with her friends.

JOP Devon Tipton for being a resourceful learner at Wilderhope by using lots of equipment to develop and play games.
CP Eliza Mae is always an amazing BLP model and is a really reciprocal learner.
BJ Declan Doherty for his fantastic effort and being a reflective learner during DT this week.
LB Amber Brown for showing true resilience in her learning and making great progress.
MB Charlie Charman for always using all of his BLP's to make good progress.

Will for being reciprocal in the year 6 play and helping other groups with their dances.


Taylor Biggs for being reflective with his writing and making great progress at the last minute!


                                                                                          Well Done!!