Building Learning Power





Week ending 7th July BLP rosette winners are:


 Class  Name of winner and what for:

Alex Hemmings for being super sensible and ready for year 1 (reflective)


Cody Willets for being reflective and using his phonics in reading


Erin Rogers for being a reflective learner in her story writing competition

ZP Josh Williams for his reciprocity. Josh has been helping his brother Cobey to read every morning! 

Skyla Williams for being reflective with her handwriting. 


Phoebe May for being resourceful and using her iPad to help with her writing. 

JOP Nadia for being resourceful in Maths and using the fraction wall.
SH Olivia Lemm for reflecting on her English work and working really hard. 
CP Reciprocity for Alia. She has been nominated by her English group for working without distracting them. 
LB Alyssa for being helpful to others and using resources. 
MB Lathen Hawkins for making great progress in his work. 

Max for being reciprocal by helping reception children in PE. 


Mason Hendrie- reciprocity for being very supportive with individuals in the class and having a mature attitude. 


                                                                                          Well Done!!