Building Learning Power





Week beginning 22nd October 2018 BLP rosette winners are:


 Class  Name of winner and what for:





Isobel Mills for being reflective in maths and using her previous knowledge to answer the questions.

ZP Evan Thomas for being a resilient rhino and perservering with his spellings.
GN Hana Nazim for working so hard since starting at Lawley Primary. Great resilience. 

Ethan Jones for his resilience in all subjects, particularly maths.


Sebastien Smith for being resilient and noticing things.

BJ Emma Wagg for her fantastic effort in maths learning subtraction (reflective).
CP Amelia Hudson for always being a resourceful learner with a model attitude.
SH Scarlett Conroy for being a kind friend to Roza since she arrived at Lawley Primary. She's a team player!
DD Nadia Forys for showing a fantastic learning attitude in maths. Nadia perseveres with any new learning and shows she is resilient even if she finds the work tricky.
MB Yuthika Gopinath Sethu for having a fantastic attitude towards all areas of learning and for being reflective within her work.

Srihamsini Garlapati for finding all her learning tests and always being prepared- resourceful.


Leah Hicklin for always working extremely hard all of the time (resilience).


                                                                                          Well Done!!