Building Learning Power





Week ending 16th February BLP rosette winners are:


 Class  Name of winner and what for:

Oscar for being a reflective learner.


Zachary for being reflective. Reading his writing and changing mistakes made.


Phoebe for being resourceful, using sound mats to support her in writing.

ZP Dominic for being reflective in maths and checking both parts of the bar model were equal.
AB Keira-Mae for being a resourceful learner and using her plan to write a great recount.

Eva for being reciprocal, helping others in the class who are struggling without being asked. Her kindness is inspirational!


Arjun for being a resilient learner and cooperating with others in a group.

JOP Devon for being a reflective learner and going to Ironbridge with his Mum to continue his studies at home.
CP Calen Mei for reflecting on the terms English skills and transferring them into her hot write.
BJ Phoebe May for being resilient and working independently to produce excellent division maths work.
LB Alan for resilience in his maths work and producing some fantastic work.
MB Luke for being resilient and always trying hard, especially in maths when he finds things tricky.

Milly for looking back at her SATs.


Keira for being resilient and working hard in her mock SATs.


                                                                                          Well Done!!