Building Learning Power





Week commencing 29th April 2019 BLP rosette winners are:


 Class  Name of winner and what for:

Mhiari for being resourceful and always using writing tools to help her with her writing.


Olivia for showing fantastic resilience with story writing and always trying her very best.


Ethan for being really resilient in his writing and writing great stories even when he is very worried to start with.

ZP Oliver for being a reflective learner and using his phonics to spell words in his independent writing.
GN Penny for trying so hard with her story writing- great resilience.

Ameli for showing reflectiveness with her handwriting, much improved!


Tegan for excellent work in her Spring term tests. Such a resilient learner.

BJ Manahal for a huge improvement in her matrix results. Such a resilient learner.
CP Mariah for being resilient and producing consistently high standards in her maths.
SH Olly for always trying his best in all subjects and particularly this week with his great story writing efforts (resilient).
DD Imogen for being resilient at Arthog. Imogen pushed herself to do all the activities even when they were challenging.
MB Eddie for being resilient at Arthog by challenging himself to do every activity and supporting others.

Lola for being resourceful and using resources to help her in her writing.


Layla for improving her maths knowledge through sheer determination.


                                                                                          Well Done!!