Building Learning Power





Week ending 15th September BLP rosette winners are:


 Class  Name of winner and what for:





Darcy Flanagan for being resourceful and using a number line independently to help with her Maths.

ZP Jaida Guest for being a reflective learner and using her story map to tell the story of Oliver's vegetables.
 AB Isla Edwards for being resourceful in Maths using the diennes to help her on a tricky question. 

Oscar Chamera for being reciprocal in helping a class friend understand what we are asking.


Iyla Grace for being resourceful in English and using ideas from lessons during the week to help her in her 'Hot Write.'

JOP Arjun for being a reflective learner and making such improvements in his literacy.
CP Nadia Forys for being resourceful and using he iPad number line to support mental rounding to 1000.
BJ Eddie Smallman for being resilient in his Maths work and never giving up!
LB Ria Kaur Sandhu for reflecting on decisions made by being tempted or not.
MB Connie Glaze for being reflective in her Maths work and learning and working extremely hard.

Bowyn Parker- reflective in computing when creating code in scratch.


Alyssa Powell- resourceful. Making sure she is ready for her learning at the start of the day.


                                                                                          Well Done!!