Building Learning Power





Week commencing 18th March 2019 BLP rosette winners are:


 Class  Name of winner and what for:

Priya for fabulous resilience working at home.


Harley for being reflective and checking his recording in maths.


Seb for being resilient and resourceful in his maths work and using the diennes to help him.

ZP Ben for his resilience during place value work. He has tried so hard!
GN Jaiyaa for always working hard and being a reflective learner.

Emily for being resilient with her spellings in her homework even though she nearly gave up, she didn't!


Peramvir for his resilience. He has produced a high standard of presentation and should be very proud!

BJ Henry for being resilient with his English work when editing his writing.
CP Emily for being resilient and resourceful to make good independent progress in her maths.
SH Grace for being reflective in her maths to correct any errors. She always checks her work and uses resources around the room.
DD Kiera for producing some lovely English work and for working hard to use semi-colons, brackets and commas for clauses in her work.
MB Myleigh for making brilliant progress in her writing and being very resilient.

James for using resources around the class to help his work.


Josh for showing true resilience and overcoming difficulties in maths.


                                                                                          Well Done!!