Building Learning Power





Week ending 3rd November BLP rosette winners are:


 Class  Name of winner and what for:

Ethan Gabbitas for being a brave resilient boy.


Akira Noreen-Kamran for being resilient and trying hard when practising her writing.


Freya Perry for resilience. Freya has moved groups and is now having more difficult work but is working so hard and persevering.

ZP Daniel Deen for his reflective learning during our pedestrian training.
 AB Erin Rogers for being resilient in every subject but especially maths.

Angel Antwi for being more reflective in her own work.


Charan Sandhu for being resourceful and using a range of resources around the classroom to help her with her learning.

JOP Surayah Bhatt for reflecting on her progress especially in maths.
CP Imogen Ruscoe for being resourceful and using her spelling mat to write independently at length.
BJ Matthew Williams for being resourceful in maths and reciprocal for sharing his ideas with a peer.
LB Riley Williams for consistently producing work of a high standard-reflective.
MB Finley Targus resilient, brilliant and giving 110% to absolutely everything he does.

Leo Hudson for sharing his ideas in English- reciprocal.


Taylor Biggs for always being organised and ready to learn.


                                                                                          Well Done!!