Curriculum Enrichment Offer


Over the seven years pupils spend at Lawley Primary School, we will ensure that their curriculum is enriched by visits to significant places of interest including:

  • Places of historical significance – stately home/roman ruins/castle/other buildings

  • Museum

  • Art gallery

  • Theatre – drama/dance

  • Cinema

  • Live music events

  • Places of worship – Christian and other faiths

  • Wildlife – zoo/farm/safari park

  • Places of work – fire station/vets/GP surgery/supermarket/post office

  • Nature – Wrekin/woodland trails/Secret Hills

In each year group there will be specific events as listed below. However these year groups are also at liberty to arrange other events and visits or visitors in order to enhance the curriculum offer and provide the children with as many and varied experiences as possible.

Year Group



Wildlife – zoo/farm/safari park



Place of work

Place of historical significance – stately home or castle


Places of worship – faith other than Christian

Theatre – drama/dance


Places of historical significance – ruins

Theatre – drama/dance


Places of worship – Christian

Art gallery


Live music event

Places of worship – faith other than Christian



Nature visit


All children will also be involved in at least two drama performances for parents and carers.


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More information on the Primary Curriculum can be found here.