Lawley Primary School

"Planting the seeds, growing the future"


Filename Size Date
Admissions Policy.pdf 757.9KB 10/12/2018
Behaviour for learning and discipline Policy.pdf 5.6MB 10/12/2018
Charging & Remissions Policy.pdf 1.1MB 10/12/2018
Complaints Policy.pdf 556.3KB 10/12/2018
Data Protection Policy May.pdf 256.3KB 10/12/2018
Disability Access Fund Declaration.pdf 193.0KB 10/12/2018
Disability Provision.docx 12.9KB 10/12/2018
English Appendix 1 - Spelling.pdf 286.1KB 10/12/2018
English Grammar and Punctuation Policy.docx 18.7KB 10/12/2018
English Policy.pdf 2.5MB 10/12/2018
Equality Information & Objectives Policy.pdf 3.3MB 10/12/2018
Freedom of Information Policy.pdf 5.4MB 10/12/2018
GDPR - Updated Model privacy notice - Alumni 2018.pdf 325.8KB 10/12/2018
Lawley Primary Anti-bullying Policy.pdf 7.8MB 10/12/2018
Lawley RSE Policy.pdf 528.1KB 10/12/2018
Marking Policy.pdf 301.1KB 10/12/2018
Maths Policy.pdf 346.6KB 10/12/2018
PE & Sport Policy.pdf 3.1MB 10/12/2018
Promoting British Values.pdf 51.1KB 10/12/2018
PSHE Policy.pdf 1.8MB 10/12/2018
SCB Child Protection and Safeguarding in Schools Policy.pdf 808.1KB 10/12/2018
School Attendance Policy.pdf 303.2KB 10/12/2018
SEND Policy.pdf 244.2KB 10/12/2018
SMSC and British Values Policy.pdf 136.8KB 10/12/2018
Spelling Letters and Sounds.pdf 73.6KB 10/12/2018
Spelling Policy.pdf 226.0KB 10/12/2018
What is the Disability Access Fund.pdf 119.7KB 10/12/2018
Prospectus 2018-2019.pdf 2.9MB 12/12/2018
Accessibility Plan 2018.pdf 248.6KB 08/02/2019
Peer On Peer Abuse.pdf 733.3KB 03/06/2019
Teaching and Learning Policy.pdf 1.8MB 05/06/2019
Communications Policy.pdf 2.8MB 05/06/2019
Administering Medication in schools.pdf 18.6MB 05/06/2019
Sun_Safety_Policy.pdf 274.3KB 25/07/2019