Lawley Primary School

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Assessment in maths

In mathematics pupils demonstrate their learning in every lesson. To monitor pupil’s attainment and progress, internal school data is collected 3 times a year and is based on class teachers’ formative assessment. Pupil voice is carried out alongside book monitoring to examine the day-to-day view of maths in the classroom and review children’s learning and progress.

Formative assessment happens regularly and is achieved through targeted questioning during lessons, observations of pupils, review of work and discussions. Lesson starters are used to continually revisit key skills and knowledge taught previously and offer the opportunity for teachers to assess pupil’s attainment and progress regularly. Weekly assessment of multiplication facts from year 2 and termly assessment of number bonds in KS1 help to monitor children’s progression through their times tables and number bond knowledge.

Summative assessments are used by teachers at the end of a block of work. The end of unit assessments are compiled by the class teachers and used to monitor attainment at the end of a topic. A summative assessment is also carried out at the end of the year for years 1, 3, 4 and 5, with Years 2 and 6 completing the national curriculum tests. In EYFS we carry out teacher assessments against our progression document at the end of each term. We also complete a baseline assessment in line with government guidelines.