Lawley Primary School

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Filename Size Date
Administering Medication in schools.pdf 18.6MB 24/02/2021
Attendance policy Sept 2020.pdf 173.8KB 24/02/2021
CHARGING POLICY 2020.pdf 120.8KB 24/02/2021
Communications 2020.pdf 183.3KB 24/02/2021
Covid-19 Reopening Child Protection Safeguarding Policy A... 281.5KB 24/02/2021
Employee Code of Conduct Model Policy 2020.pdf 193.5KB 24/02/2021
Equality Policy 2020.pdf 342.4KB 24/02/2021
Exclusion Policy 2021.pdf 149.0KB 24/02/2021
EYFS Number Policy (1).pdf 442.0KB 24/02/2021
Freedom of Information Scheme 2020.pdf 198.8KB 24/02/2021
GDPR - Updated Model privacy notice - Alumni 2018.pdf 325.8KB 24/02/2021
Lawley Primary Anti-bullying Policy.pdf 7.8MB 24/02/2021
Marking Policy 2019.pdf 299.1KB 24/02/2021
Physical Education Policy 2020-2021.pdf 309.9KB 24/02/2021
Promoting British Values.pdf 51.1KB 24/02/2021
PSHE and Citizenship Policy 2020.pdf 105.5KB 24/02/2021
Risk Assessment for return to Schools autumn term FINAL L... 92.3KB 24/02/2021
Sexually_Harmful_Behaviour___Risk_Assessment_Tool.pdf 48.9KB 24/02/2021
SMSC and British Values policy.pdf (1) 126.5KB 24/02/2021
Social Networking Policy Sept 2019.pdf 419.6KB 24/02/2021
Sun Protection 2020.pdf 139.4KB 24/02/2021
Teaching Learning Policy 2019.pdf 159.3KB 24/02/2021
Behaviour and Discipline policy.pdf 368.9KB 22/04/2021
Behaviour Policy and Social Distancing.pdf 85.6KB 22/04/2021
SEND Policy 2020.pdf 230.9KB 22/04/2021
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2020-21.pdf 517.2KB 22/04/2021
Data Protection and Biometric Policy April 21.pdf 224.6KB 22/04/2021
RSHE Policy.pdf 279.1KB 10/05/2021
Whistleblowing procedure 2021.pdf 220.7KB 24/05/2021
Complaints Policy with unreasonable complaints statement.pdf 366.0KB 14/06/2021