Lawley Primary School

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At Lawley Primary School we place great importance on good attendance and punctuality.

It is important that your child gets to school on time and aims for 100% attendance! We know that a child’s attendance has a direct impact on their learning. Those children who are regularly absent from school and frequently late do not achieve their potential and can fall behind in class. Please support the school and your children, by ensuring that your child attends school ready to learn, every day, by 8.45am.





Lost Learning due to Poor Attendance

The chart below identifies the possible amount of lost learning due to poor attendance. How does your child compare?


Attendance during the school year

Equals this number of days absent

Which is approx this many weeks absent

Which means this number of lessons missed


19 days

4 weeks

100 lessons


38 days

8 weeks

200 lessons


57 days

11.5 weeks

290 lessons


Frequent absence can add up to a considerable amount of lost learning and can seriously disadvantage your child in adult life.

Nationally primary pupil attendance is around 96%. This means that a child needs to attend school for at least 177 out of 190 days to meet national expectations.


Promoting Attendance and Support

We believe that working together with parents and carers is the best way to result in positive attendance outcomes for our children.

We promote good attendance and punctuality with the children in our school.

Certificates are given termly in recognition of good or better attendance.

We also have a weekly class attendance competition with the winning class being awarded the school attendance trophy to proudly display. Also keep an eye on our school Facebook page to see special announcements and information about attendance.

Our Pupil and Family Support Officer and our Attendance Lead are happy to work with both children and families to improve attendance and punctuality. Please contact school if you would like some support or advice to improve your child’s attendance.

Attendance Posters

The pupils have created their own Attendance posters to encourage good attendance at the school: