Lawley Primary School

"Planting the seeds, growing the future"

Lawley Primary School Parliament

The School Parliament has an extremely important role and pupil voices are highly valued at Lawley.

Every year a new School Parliament is elected by their peers. It is made up of one student from each of the classes from Year 1 to Year 6. Every class holds an election to decide who will represent them for the school year.

 What does a school parliament member do?

A school parliament member attends meetings and takes part in discussions. They then go and feedback to their class about what has been discussed. They also help make important decisions about the school. 

Why do we need a school parliament?

Children are the most important part of our school so their voice is extremely important to us.  They have some of the best ideas and can make our school better.



2023-24 Parliament members.

Please welcome our 2023-24 members.


This year’s parliament members have been ever so busy already this year. In Autumn, they asked children in their classes for any suggestions. We used these to come up with an action plan for the year. In Autumn 2, we held our first successful Christmas jumper swap. We are looking forward to carrying this on next year. In Spring 1, we have asked Breakfast Club to provide any spare fruit they have left in the mornings to put in a KS2 fruit bowl so that those children that have not got a snack in KS2 have an opportunity to eat something at breaktime. Next week, we are joining with OPAL to reuse and create bird feeders so that each classroom has a feeder outside.


We look forward to seeing what else we can do for the school this year.

2021-22 Parliament Members

We would like to thank our school parliament members from last year who helped us to organise a fantastic Platinum Jubilee celebration.