Lawley Primary School

"Planting the seeds, growing the future"


At Lawley Primary School, our mathematics curriculum follows the guidance provided in the National Curriculum. We aim for pupils to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, reason mathematically and solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of different problem-solving activities.

Whilst developing their skills in the subject, we also aim to foster an enthusiasm for mathematics that stays with them throughout their learning journey.

In school, all pupils are encouraged with the belief that by working hard in maths, everyone can succeed as we strive for a mastery curriculum.

Pupils, including those in Early Years, are taught through whole class, interactive teaching where they work together towards the same learning goal. Lessons are designed to teach key points, identify misconceptions and move through a sequenced learning journey, which is supported with key questioning, tasks, explanations, clear modelling and discussion. Pupils engage with concrete apparatus to support their conceptual understanding, which then leads to pictorial representations before feeling confident using the abstract working.

We aim to learn key facts, such as multiplication tables and number bonds efficiently and with automaticity to minimise overload in the working memory and therefore enable pupils to focus on new learning. This declarative knowledge is rehearsed frequently within our maths lessons and supports pupil’s procedural knowledge as they develop an understanding of efficient methods, which they then apply to problem solving.